WhatsApp Online Tracker App

WhatsOptic WhatsApp Online Tracker APP

Features of WhatsApp Online Tracking App WhatsOptic

24/7 Tracking

Push and quick notifications

Multiple Tracking

You can tracking multiple people

Secure Data

They can't realise who tracker


Tracking with detailed reports and graphs

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Tracking

WhatsOptic FAQ
WhatsApp Tracker app is free for a certain period of time. When the free period ends, you can follow our special discount and use free app.
You can receive online and offline notifications of the people you follow. You can also see the last seen times and the longest online time.
You can tracker it even if you are blocked. WhatsOptic was created for this.
He/she can never realise when you start tracking. WhatsOptic traces secretly and notify to you
With WhatsOptic, I can follow my girlfriend on WhatsApp and see their online time.
Martin Clark
I tracking my wife with WhatsOptic and learned that she used WhatsApp at night. Thanks WhatsOptic
Davis Stewart
WhatsOptic is really the only useful app. It does not show false information like other apps. Both at half the price of other app. The best free WhatsApp Online Tracker app
Cooper Cox
I was looking for an app to track my kids. I installed WhatsOptic in store. I can now track my kids. WhatsApp Online Tracker
Ellis Foster
I learned how lazy my employees are with WhatsOptic. During business hours, I use it to see WhatsApp usage times outside of work.
Jordan Marshall
Online, offline notifications and record space are very useful. I know when you use WhatsApp with detailed reports and charts.
Zuna Bea